UNF COVID-19 Education Program


COVID-19 Edu Prog

While working in the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at the University of North Florida, I edited, designed, published, and supported the COVID-19 Education Program, which was disseminated to all students, faculty, and staff. This project, of which I am very proud, was integral to UNF's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.


The UNF COVID-19 Education Program is required training for all UNF employees and students. The course facilitates the mandatory training for all faculty, staff, and students and introduces basic COVID-19 facts based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Florida Department of Health (DOH). It helps to operationalize new policies, procedures, and plans to address the required health measures and oversight necessary to promote a safer and healthier campus

The course was edited and designed in less than four weeks, and was made available as a SCORM package on both Canvas LMS and the University's Employee Resources Page. It featured narration by IBM's Watson and came with accompanying accessible PDFs. Written in HTML5 in Articulate Rise, available on desktop and mobile platforms. 

  INstructional Design  
  • Module 1 of the COVID-19 Education Course identifies the overall learning goals and introduces basic facts about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19); including common symptoms, when to seek emergency medical attention, and how to protect yourself and others.

  • Module 2 of the COVID-19 Education Course provides information on how individuals can self-identify as at higher risk of severe illness from Coronavirus and request modifications or accommodations to their work arrangements or mode of instruction. In addition, Module 2 provides details on the UNF expected behaviors for the Osprey community, regarding face masks, social distancing, self-screening, handwashing hygiene, and travel.  

  • Module 3 of the COVID-19 Education Course emphasizes the shared responsibility in protecting the health, safety and welfare for all UNF constituents. In addition, this module outlines the expectations for returning to campus and maintaining an on-campus presence, as well as enforcement of the University’s new policies and procedures.

All three modules were written in HTML5 using Adobe Articulate Rise and edited in Review 360. Though the course can be accessed on both desktop and mobile, PDFs of each course are made accessible alongside accompanying audio which utilizes the artificial intellegence algorithms of IBM's open-source Watson. 

Images were created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator - a combination of UNF backdrops and royalty-free flat design resources. 

  A.I. Audio & Accessibility  

When creating a course with so many users, it is important to add certain accessibility features such as alt-text, captioning, and text to speech. Because the COVID-19 Education Program went through many revisions as infomation about Coronavirus evolved, we decided to use IBM Watson AI TTS instead of live narration.