Café Terrace for Excel

Vincent van Gogh’s 1888 oil painting,  Café Terrace at Night is certainly a masterwork. But it was painted in a time before Big Business, before computers, before corporate expediency. But the white-collar worker is too busy to mess around with oil on canvas. So I’ve updated Old van Gogh by translating his painting into a Excel sheet. After watching Matt Parker’s stand-up comedy routine about spreadsheets, I … Read More

Premiere Pro – Video Experiments

Jan Holevik’s Rhetoric and Info Technology course was an intensive masterclass in Adobe Creative Cloud software. I read a ton of theory — and each week, instead of writing papers, I created video-reactions based on those readings. But saying I completed one video week per video is a bit misleading. I was teaching two undergrad courses at the time, taking … Read More

Sur · veil

Created these collage-images for Victor Vitanza — who specifically asked for “creepy surveillance art.” VV didn’t care much for attribution; in fact, he wanted pics from the web, altered, then made unique. I used Google images and Adobe Photoshop, layered, made adjustments to the coloring, added and removed architectures. Stormtroopers because Stormtroopers are creepy.