Photo Colorization

Been practicing colorizing old B&W photos. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, and my attempts so far look like something out of those Wilson Markle movies from the 1970s and 1980s. I’m forever behind in practice, but whatevs, here’s a photo of Cynthia Haynes, the digital rhetorician. Also, here’s a photo of my parents when they were teenagers. I … Read More

Wall Street Journal – 90s Throwback

Throwback: Adam Janos — of A&E and The Wall Street Journal — contracted me to design “a very ugly old 1990s website on a modern blogging platform with mobile support.” He saw the ‘classic’ version of my own site, and for reasons I cannot fathom, he wanted something similar: gaudy wallpaper, animated .gifs, distracting colors. The ‘classic’ version of Adam’s site is so hideous that … Read More

Visual Data

Using distant-reading and data visualization techniques outlined in Derek N. Mueller’s Network Sense, I created the below visualizations to pull out key topics and ideas as represented in two recent  issues of The Journal of Media Ethics and the Journal of Media Law and Ethics. The complete data set (which can be downloaded) has nearly 2000 entries — tracking words and phrases across multiple … Read More

CSS Gradient

A simple gradient written in CSS. Should be visible on most modern browsers. Can underlay an image or be used as a background.

Guess the Fruit

There are a lot of excellent tools for designing color palettes: colourlovers / coolors / colormind / colorpalettes / etcetera. Some of these tools allow you to upload pics or create schemes from scratch. I am currently working on a website for a local restaurant. The owner wants natural colors —mostly greens and browns. So I’ve been finding and creating food-flavored palettes. Here are are few that … Read More