Founding a Design Lab


The RWDL offers face-to-face tutoring for a population of nearly 6,000 students, as well as workshops in document and instructional design.  As a senior consultant, I helped create student videos, craft effective presentations, podcasts, and web publications. We also created instructional videos, such as the one below.

A 21st century writing center, the RWDL recognizes the role of technology at every stage of the composing process and the importance of design in the effective communication of ideas.
  Web Dev & Design    

Besides making videos, podcasts, and student-focused instructional materials, I also developed and designed the RWDL responsive website, its logo, and its appointment registration system.


The background wallpaper is a modern abstract design by the graphic artist, Andy Gilmore. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator.  Most of the other fonts, graphics, and icons came from royalty-free sources. I tried to avoid proprietary assets because the RWDL prides itself on being part off the Digital Commons at Rutgers-Camden. (The director did have a soft-spot for Helvetica though.)

  Booking System    

The RWDL needed a booking system in order to better serve the growing undergraduate population. I was working on a plugin when life and school got in the way. I decided to use a free scheduling webservice instead. This was the right decision because I wouldn't have been able to maintain support on the plugin after leaving.

  Student Engagement    

The RWDL is a valuable resource to students on the Rutgers-Camden campus. I couldn't be prouder to have been there at the very beginning. Visit the lab to see more of my work.