More Visualizations


Using the distant reading and visualization techniques outlined in Derek N. Mueller’s Network Sense, I created the below visualizations to pull out key topics and ideas as represented in the two most recent  issues of The Journal of Media Ethics and the Journal of Media Law and Ethics.

1,924 cells

The complete data set (which can be downloaded) has nearly 2000 entries, tracking words and phrases across multiple journal abstracts. I tracked WORD OCCURRENCE, as well as FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE in relation to other words. Although the data-set was small, it revealed pattern clustering around certain phrases and ideas, detailed below. Click on either of the images to see the full images, complete with keys

Clicking on the above or below image will maximize the data visualization. Keyword rankings reveal primary interest in the field in subjects including: journalism, legality, ethics, privacy, social media, Facebook, practical making, exposure, and more.

These distant infographics also reveal some words and phrases worth mentioning: platforms, transparency, postconventional, are ranked the 7th most popular terms. Besides single words, I also tracks two-word phrases (available here). Popular phrases include social media, public relations, postconventional reasoning, decision making, social responsibility, and more.