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This is the blog part of my site where I sometimes put self-promoting, blog-type things — if ever I have blog-type things for putting. It’s mostly project updates and academic accomplishments. I also have a Twitter page. And another domain, where I do other things.

Photo Colorization


Been practicing colorizing photos – it’s not the easiest thing in the world, and the final products look something like those old Wilson Markle movies from the 1970s and 1980s. I’m about 40 years behind in practice, but whatevs, here’s a photo of Cynthia Haynes, the Director of First-Year Composition and Associate Professor of English at Clemson University. Cynthia is my friend, and I created this with love:

Also, here’s a photo of my parents when they were teenagers. Again, created with love:


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Emblem: Frame
Explored across four discrete constituents of its state: color; mood; essence; perspective.
With accompanying haiku.

The full project at my Adobe Behance Portfolio.
Created at Clemson RCID
for Jan Holmevik & Gregory Ulmer.

what I see as green
you see as yellow
— that is a color

paint on a wall
recalling a lullaby
— that is a poem

the sun at midnight
performing a waltz
— that is a shadow

a fallen leaf
being blown upward
— that is a promise

a painting
in a blind woman’s home
— that is a dream

Eve-L (installation)

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Eve-L is a a video-art installation project I created in Christina Nguyen Hung’s visual rhetoric class at Clemson University, RCID (2016). The video was made (mostly) in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, using found footage, news reels, and a glitch aesthetic. I made it some time after re-reading Baudrillard, Pfohl, and Haraway. Also borrowed some cues from one of my favorite films.

Rabbit Hole:
Simulacra and Simulation (Baudrillard)
Death at the Parasite Cafe (Pfohl)
The Haraway Reader (Haraway)