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Michael Russo is a PhD student in the Clemson University RCID program. He studies and teaches digital and cognitive rhetoric, information design, marketing, and persuasion.

He has taught courses in technical writing /  media literacy / digital literacy / nonlinear composition / online privacy / literature and videogames.

He organizes workshops on classroom and e-learning technologies / web design and development / game production / and blockchain technologies.

He also makes things.

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Clemson University
PhD | RCID | Matriculated

Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design is a professional degree program which prepares students to conduct research and disseminate findings through teaching and publication. The program offers a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary curriculum which readies students to work within industry, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Rutgers University
MA| Rhetoric | Digital Studies

The Digital Studies Center at Rutgers Univerity-Camden is a research, development, and education center. The DSC helps kick-start, facilitate, support, and promote projects that are made possible by the convergence of digital technologies within the humanities as well as the arts, natural, and social sciences. The DSC brings faculty, students, and administrators together across disciplines.

The Department of English at Rutgers University-Camden fosters the study and appreciation of the English language and its literatures through the research and creative work of its individual members, as well as through instruction in linguistics, rhetoric, film, creative and expository writing. Its goals are to make students effective and knowledgeable communicators of ideas; to prepare students for professional lives that are informed and guided by humane perceptions; and to cultivate a life of the mind that is enriched by an appreciation of aesthetic expression.

Pacific University
BA English & BA Philosophy

The English programpac_u_log at Pacific University Oregon teaches students to read with imagination and insight, to write with clarity and grace, and to confront the deeper questions of human experience. The program focuses on the power, the depth, and the strange beauty of literary expression; it builds the skills to write clearly and critically in order to analyze a text and to formulate a response to a piece of writing.

Philosophy students have the opportunity to understand human reflective traditions and strengthen their sense of awareness. Students learn about timeless philosophical problems and an array of philosophy theories. By the end of their studies, students are able to describe and critique important historical and contemporary frameworks and apply analytical skills to the discipline and beyond.

Dark Technologies


Michael currently researches and writes on cryptocurrency, darknet, and disruptive technologies. His dissertation is on "dark rhetoric" and the encrypted internet.

His master's thesis -- Satoshi's Broken Promise --  is an examination of the oft-made claim that bitcoin will change the world by ushering in an era of secure, autonomous banking in agreement with cyber-libertarian ideology. Drawing on the work of Nathaniel Popper, Alexander Galloway, Robert Kutiŝ, Steve Holmes, James J. Brown Jr., and other scholars, bitcoin is analyzed as a digital artifact with the potential for revolution, so long as it avoids corporate and miner control. In the case of bitcoin, the dangers are both ideological and procedural.

Pretty Good Privacy

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