Enculturation | Intermezzo

I created, designed, edited, and copyedited the first ever print edition of Enculturation|Intermezzo — a refereed journal of rhetoric and culture. Conceptually, this was a difficult project. The journal was/is internet-based, and I was asked to translate an active, hyperlinked website onto static sheets of paper. The editors at enculturation wanted multiple authors to “talk to one another inside the … Read More


Not long after I bought my car, I redesigned the infotainment UX. Being a Star Trek fan, it seemed natural to turn my 4-cylinder car into a warp-core powered starship.  I borrowed images from Honda engineering schematics, and LCARS from The Next Generation. It’s not the most original design, but it makes me happy every time I power up my dilithium crystals.

Carolina Rhetoric

CRC18 organizers asked me to develop a protest-y/glitch-y blog for their rhetoric conference. The theme was public engagement, counter-publics. I had to work within a blue, grey, black, white color scheme. NOTE: Users had the ability to turn the glitch effects on and off for the sake of site readability. Being a student organization, the CRC had no money to spend … Read More

Mickle Street

The Mickle Street Review, a journal first published out of Walt Whitman’s house on Mickle Street in Camden, needed to update their website after being acquired by the Walt Whitman Program in American Studies. The old version of the website was beautifully coded, but it had a dated aesthetic, and it was in want of support for modern browsers. The … Read More

Harvest Bistro

I also established their webpresence — hooking the Harvest site into Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the most popular review services. Unfortunately, Harvest Bistro didn’t last long. (I’m 99.9% certain it had nothing to do with me). The Internet Archive has a broken version of the site, without content, headers, images, or anything else worth looking at.

Guess the Fruit

There are a lot of excellent tools for designing color palettes: colourlovers / coolors / colormind / colorpalettes / etcetera. Some of these tools allow you to upload pics or create schemes from scratch. I am currently working on a website for a local restaurant. The owner wants natural colors —mostly greens and browns. So I’ve been finding and creating food-flavored palettes. Here are are few that … Read More