Café Terrace for Excel



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Vincent van Gogh's 1888 oil painting,  Café Terrace at Night is certainly a masterwork. But it was painted in a time before Big Business, before computers, before corporate expediency.


But the white-collar worker is too busy to mess around with oil on canvas. So I've updated Old van Gogh by translating his painting into a Excel sheet.

  38,784 cells   

After watching Matt Parker’s stand-up comedy routine about spreadsheets, I found myself inspired to do something crazy in Microsoft Excel. It turns out that each data cell — when ZOOOOOMED out quite far — resembles a single pixel not so different than a pixel you might find on a television or computer  screen.

If you color more and more of these cells.

If you color in 38, 374 cells.

  Watch the Video   
The above photos don't really do Café Terrace for Excel justice. Using Camtasia Screen Recorder, I made a short video showing off my handiwork.

  Download the Spreadsheet   

The video doesn't do the remix justice either. If you want to see the full spreadsheet canvas in all its glory, you can download the Excel file and open it on your computer.