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As Coordinator of Online Learning Support at the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at the University of North Florida, I helped to implement, test, and roll-out an automated attendance tracking solution (aPlus+ Attendance) for teachers instructing in remote environments. 


aPlus+ Attendance brings tightly integrated manual or automated attendance features to Canvas. aPLus+ Attendance allows instructors to take attendance manually using custom statuses, automatically via Zoom integration, or by providing a secret code that students can enter on the Canvas website or app.

Features include:

  • Instant reporting for instructors
  • Multiple options for assigning attendance points
  • Automated attendance options (including secret app codes)
  • Calendar flexibility
  • Zoom integration

The roll-out of aPlus+ attendance began with product testing and documentation // the installation of the aPlus+ LTI // and the building of relationships with instructor beta-testers. Through a series of meetings, workshops, and support touches, we we able to tailor the aPlus tool in a way that could benefit all instructors on the UNF Campus. 

The aPlus+ Attendance Tracking tool was adopted by UNF at a precarious time -- with a majority of instructors teaching remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a project manager and technical support contact, I helped to ensure that instructors new to aPlus+ were supported not only through technical documentation but also one-on-one training workshops. Click here for more information about aPlus+ Attendance at UNF.